Whether to register now to take a flight to the edge of space is a decision that many thrill seekers and adventures are now thing about.

Here we present the top 10 reasons for proceeding ahead.

    You are an avid space enthusiast always dreaming of experiencing space
    Your adventurous spirit is driving you forward
    You can afford it. Even though the costs range from $95,000 to $200,000 the money is not something you can't handle
    You want to feel what weightless is like as well as G-Forces and also see the Earths curvature from Space
    You want to impress all your family and friends
    You want to be a space pioneer and a part of civilian space flight history
    You want to be one of the earliest civilians to venture out to the edge of Space
    You always wanted to be an astronaut and feel as they do. You are in good shape and want to expand your knowledge, put on your space suit and take off
    You want to meet others of similar passions and meet some astronauts
    You want to see yourself in a Rocket Ship and have a DVD of the entire experience that will last a lifetime

Are these some of your thoughts? There are many questions that need to be answered. To start it's best to look up space touism and the primary companies on line. The main three groups, Virgin Galactic, XCOR and Space Adventures each have a different story, different vehicles and their timetables and costs vary as well. It is best to look each group up on line to find out what they are showcasing as the space tourism business will soon be among the leading growth industries on the planet.

It's been since 2004, when SpaceShipOne flew into suborbital space, that this opportunity was clearly established, that the space tourism industry was evolving and many would start to begin thinking about whether they would want to become one of the first to sign up.

If you find yourself with these thoughts then the time to act is now. About 400 reservations have already been made through Virgin Galactic, XCOR and Space Adventures. With the first flights planned in early 2012, if you have the desire to be in the earliest wave of civilian space pioneers, then there are plenty of reasons, including safety and security, to feel comfortable enough to get yourself registered now.



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